The Thorns of Tassek War Company

Patron: His Prominence Keirnal Maldrenn, Baron of Gearnwal

The War Companies of Onnwal have now been disbanded by order of the Szek,
and the Thorns have reformed as an Adventuring Company,
but this page is left here for historical interest.

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Crest & Motto

The Company's crest is a thorned white rose rising from a stormy sea against a black background, topped by a scroll device bearing the Company motto, "CINCTA SPINIS ROSA", a phrase in Old Oeridian which translates approximately as "The rose is girt with thorns".


The Thorns are pledged to oppose the Scarlet Brotherhood. While many might enjoin such a cause in lands still loyal to the Szek, the Thorns rally around Baron Keirnal Maldrenn, whose estates have already fallen and whose son is the famous Sir Dorlan Maldrenn, one of the six surviving Glaives. They make a practice of raiding deep into enemy territory, refusing to let the Scarlet Ones rest easy on their stolen lands.
The Baron sponsors the Company, which shares the same approach to fighting the Scarlet Brotherhood that he has. While some must, by necessity, fight in the field of battle, others must act in a more covert way, going into enemy territory, supporting those who resist the Scarlet Brotherhood, and weakening the Brotherhood's grip. The Brotherhood has been successful in causing fear and paranoia by sneaking agents into the free lands of Onnwal. The Thorns seek to do the same in return, raiding deep into what would otherwise be 'safe' Brotherhood territory.


The Company has always been unusual in its heavy emphasis on the wild. The Thorns have noted the success of their enemies in sneaking hochebi patrols through the wilderness, and use the same tactic to draw close to Brotherhood strongholds. Slipping easily across the border, they have a good record of upholding the honour of Onnwal in the face of both implacable opposition and occasionally troublesome allies.


The vast majority of members are human. Teplin, a rock gnome, has been championing the entrance of Vola, a half-orc of his acquaintance, despite the social problems this has caused. Phalar Nailo, a grey elf, is regarded as a little decadent by some of the other members, and sometimes sets himself apart when the Company is dealing with humans and tensions are running high.


Again a strong natural theme. The two priests follow the Velaeri gods, Wenta and Atroa. Teplin and Zareba follow Berei and Beory respectively. Haldur follows Heironeous, and has succeeded in getting appeals to this deity included in the daily Company prayers. The Thorns are by tradition a very religious group, and usually hold some form of evening prayers to the gods of good and nature the members hold dear. All are willing to tolerate appeals to other deities, recognising differing interests can ally to a common cause in the heavens as well as on earth.

Social Demeanour

The Thorns prize tact and diplomacy, even when dealing with those who may not deserve it. While they won't allow others to compromise their principles or their religious beliefs, they generally make an effort to fit in wherever they go, following local laws and traditions until there is good reason not to. They have particularly good relations with the local authorities in Sornhill (due in part to the great lengths to which they go to bring back captured Brotherhood agents alive for questioning) with whom they have worked well several times. It is by such consensus that they believe the war will be won. The Brotherhood succeed where they can sow division and fear. They can be defeated only with the courage, not just to fight, but to embrace a union of all those who defy the Scarlet Ones. If Onnwal is to be free, it must be one.


The Company is large, because it is willing to accept new members. The main criteria is that a prospective new member can get along with the existing Thorns. In practice this is usually a trial by fire - the prospective member will join existing Thorns on a mission or two, and see if they have the tact and propensity for teamwork that it takes to serve the Baron.

Ballads of Tassek

Two ballads are sung about various members of the Thorns of Tassek. The first is "The Bold Thorns of Tassek", composed by Andar of the Green in Coldeven 593 CY. The second is "The Old Grey-Olve Monk-Wizard", composed by Jhillian Waywalker, Bard of Sornhill, in Fireseek 594CY. There is also "The Turning Tide", a tale about some of Jel's exploits featuring a few of her companions.

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