The Roses of Tassek War Company

Patron: The Established Church of Mayaheine

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Crest & Motto

The Company's crest is diagonally quartered by a white rose sinister over the bastard sword of Mayaheine's holy symbol dexter, against the Storm Coast heraldry of a storm wave on a sable field. In the upper quarter is the golden sunburst of Mayaheine's holy symbol, and the left and right quarters each bear a golden victory rune. The shield is topped by a scroll device bearing the Company motto, "Justice by blade & petal".


Mayaheine, the Shield Maiden, is the relatively recently ascended demigoddess of protection, justice and valour. The Faithful of Mayaheine are called upon to protect the weak and innocent. In order to keep such folk safe, it is also necessary to punish those who seek to harm them. Onnwal's Established Church of Mayaheine sponsors this War Company to go out into the world and defend those who cannot defend themselves, preferably by striking down their oppressors.


The Company was founded by Devrin of Mayaheine, an Onnwalon paladin and cleric of Mayaheine based in Sornhill. During his adventures alongside the Thorns of Tassek and their comrades he had made the acquaintance of Fox, a half-olve monk who shared his devotion to Mayaheine, and Lyrin, a devotee of Tritherion and a member of the Thorns of Tassek discontent with that Company's noble patronage, and in Wealsun 593 CY the three of them decided to found a new War Company based around the aims of their respective deities. Recruiting a brace of hobniz to their cause in the form of the monk Bobbin Swires and the rogue Boggis, they then initiated discussions with Jelal Mullenden, Sornhill's high priestess of Mayaheine. In Goodmonth of that same year the new War Company took their oaths in the Vault of the Sea, Sornhill's temple of Mayaheine.


The Roses of Tassek are open to any who sincerely share their goals of justice and protection, regardless of race or origin. Having been founded by an Onnwalon, a Flan and a half-olve of Suloise and wood-olve descent, and gained a pair of hobniz as their first recruits, some consider them to be a little eclectic.


The Roses favour the worship of Mayaheine, Tritherion, Pelor and Heironeous, but are open to members of almost any creed provided they are willing to take the oath and fight alongside their comrades with valour. Many of the Roses are devout adherents of their respective faiths, and most are lay or divine members of one of the Established Churches of Onnwal.

Social Demeanour

It is hard to ascribe an overall demeanour to the company as a whole, since the attitudes of the individual members vary widely, from the friendly and compassionate protectors of the weak to the angry and vengeful punishers of the guilty, from the sober and ascetic to the passionate and hearty. The only attitude that the whole company shares is their determination to bring an end to the atrocities of the Scarlet Brotherhood and make them pay for what they have done to the land of Onnwal.

Political Relations: Allies & Enemies

The Roses are well favoured by their patron, the Established Church of Mayaheine. They are also well liked by the Established Church of Osprem, who have formed a close coalition with the clergy of the Church of Mayaheine in Onnwal ever since the liberation of Sornhill, the town which is now home to the Stalwart Order of the Sea and Star. The Roses also have extremely cordial relations with the Thorns of Tassek War Company, who look upon the Roses in much the same manner as an older sibling would look upon a younger. Members of the two Companies often collaborate on missions, both within Onnwal and farther afield. The Roses have good relations with the Established Church of Tritherion, who look favourably upon their philosophy, and with followers of Pelor, Mayaheine's patron.
Although relations with the Thorns of Tassek themselves are good, relations with their patron, Baron Keirnal Maldrenn of Gearnwal, are a little strained. The Baron was not best pleased with Lyrin's desertion of the Thorns, nor do the new Company's slight Tritherionite leanings sit well with the Onnwalon nobility. However, the Baron remains polite, after all when it comes down to it they are all on the same side.
The only faction who particularly dislike the Roses are the Established Church of Pholtus, who resent any who do not follow their One True Way. This is particularly true of the militant Pholtan order known as the Brotherhood of the Blinding Light. Relations are similarly frosty with followers of Moradin, who distrust all those not claiming allegiance to the gods of the dwur.


Once they have been approved by the current members of the War Company, shown their valour by fighting alongside them on a mission or two and had an interview with Jelal Mullenden, prospective candidates must visit the Vault of the Sea to participate in the initiation ceremony. Said ceremony primarily involves an oath in the name of Mayaheine, Tritherion and the candidate's own deity to defend the weak, protect the innocent and punish the guilty, witnessed by the priests of Mayaheine and the rest of the War Company.

Crest - Philosophy - History - Races - Deities - Demeanour - Relations - Trial
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